About Us - Garden Fresh Botanicals

Garden Fresh Botanicals is a small family owned business located in the small town of Springfield, Oregon. Starting with a small idea, the company aspires to cater to the needs of customers who want high-end quality products. Garden Fresh products are created and put together with the consumer in mind.

We use and test the products on ourselves to experience the results that we want our customers to experience before we offer it to you, the public. This way, we know it works and we can relate to the experience each customer has with our product.

We will be offering and featuring products a little at a time until we find the best products to offer. Our body scrubs, callus remover, and moisturizers cannot be found in any retail stores. Garden Fresh Botanicals products are professional salon grade.

We intend to showcase our products in trade shows and other community events, and we will keep you updated on any new products that we discover.

We have taken every opportunity to give you the safest means to do your online shopping, so that wherever you are, you can still buy goods that are offered by Garden Fresh Botanicals.

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